Comtest supplier to the Emitech Group France.

Comtest Engineering is proud of its latest achievement, i.e. the completion of one full compliance semi-anechoic chamber (SAC) and one full compliance fully-anechoic room (FAR) for 3m measurements according to the CISPR and IEC Standards for Emitech in Montigny le Bretonneux, France.

Emitech is the largest test laboratory in France and one of the largest in Europe. Between 2016 and 2017 Comtest has built 7 chambers for the Emitech site in Montigny, two have been built in the Angers site, one in Montpellier and one in Etupes, absorbers have been supplied to the Le Rheu site for the upgrade of the existing chamber.  The latest 5 chambers in Montigny (Three CISPR-25, one FAR and one SAC) have been built at the speed record of 3 weeks by our highly experienced team highlighting Comtest skills in project management, logistics, planning, etc.

We have a special thanks to Emitech for the perfect cooperation in the fulfillment of this big task and the always proactive attitude and precious inputs. Nous remercions beaucoup l'équipe d'Emitech pour la coopération parfait, l'attitude proactive et tous les inputs précieux pendant le projet.

Emitech Group, France