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Compact full anechoic chamber


A compact full anechoic chamber can be used for radiated immunity test evaluations at 3m distance. For products fitting into a square of 1,5m x 1,5m these tests are in compliance with the IEC/EN 61000-4-3 standard. In addition to these immunity tests pre-compliance emission testing can be executed in a very repeatable environment.

Features of a compact full anechoic chamber:

  • Full compliance immunity test site for the frequency range of 80MHz up to 6GHz
  • Stable and uniform environment due to lining with polystyrene absorbers
  • Pre-compliance emission measurements at 3m distance

Applicable standards / test methods for a compact full anechoic chamber:

  • IEC/EN 61000-4-3
  • CISPR-16-1-4 (pre-compliance testing only)

Typical performance of a compact full anechoic chamber:

  • Field Uniformity (FU): FU: 75% of 16 points ≤ 6dB at 3m test distance & 1,5 x 1,5m test window (0,8m high)
  • Pre-compliance emission testing: 
        - FSNSA at 30-200Mhz: ±8dB / 201-1000Mhz: ±6dB at 3m distance (0,8m diameter test volume)
        - sVSWR: 1-18Ghz 6dB 3m distance

Typical specifications for a compact full anechoic chamber:

Wall entry panel
EUT power line
Frequency range 
Test distance
Field Uniformity            
6,75 x 2,85 x 2.925 m (l*w*h)
2mm ZMA-140 galvanized shielding panels with a structural support on the roof panels
Hybrid solution of ferrite tiles and polystyrene hybrid absorber (model HT25)
Honeycomb model 1791-3030 (300x300mm / 18GHz)
RF shielded swing door model 1766-0921 (900x2100mm)
Model 1795-3030 (300x300mm) including RF connectors
Filtered 230VAC / 16A / single phase model 4801-016
LED lights 100W model 1855-100
complaince RS testing from 80MHz to 6GHz / pre compliance RE testing from 30MHz - 18GHz
3m between centre of antenna and EUT
Up to 1.5 x 1.5m
Full anechoic (di-board with ferrites) and top layer of carpet tiles

In addition to the typical specification of the compact semi anechoic chamber Comtest can tailor the chamber’s specification to satisfy our customers’ individual requirements.


Options for a compact semi anechoic chamber:

  • Full compliance immunity testing for the frequency range of 26Mhz - 18Ghz (model 1710-026).
  • An additional shielded room can be installed to house high power RF amplifiers (amplifier room) or control and test        equipment (control room).
  • Video and audio monitoring system: color camera unit with remote controller and LCD monitor.
  • Free standing turn table to perform pre-compliance emissions test
  • Antenna stand with fixed height and automatic polarization change