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RF shielded rooms

Due to increased environmental electromagnetic pollution, sensitive and accurate measurements are often affected by RF noise. The application of Comtest RF shielded rooms provides the highest possible shielding attenuation, creating a controlled electromagnetic environment to perform high sensitive testing without distortion. RF shielded rooms are also suited to protect meeting rooms and computer data centers according to Tempest requirements.

Modular pan type system

The shielding of Comtest RF shielded rooms is established by constructing the chambers from a 2mm pan-type galvanised panel system. The corners of the shielded panels are welded, spray galvanised and assembled with special fasteners M10 on a pitch of 150mm. These fasteners are installed upon a pre-defined torque to ensure a long life RF shielding attenuation. Between the flanges of the RF shielded panels a high performance gasket is installed. This construction is based on best practices and provides the highest RF shielding performance for both military and industrial applications.




The 2mm pan-type shielding system ensures a quick installation on site without the need for welding. The modular construction of the shield room provides a flexible design which can be tailored to each customer’s specific requirement.


As a result of our continuous efforts to use only the very best components for our products and our dedication to innovation Comtest Engineering is using a new and innovative galvanized sheet metal plate material for the production of shielded panels. This new material is called ZMA-140 or Magi Zinc. It is a newly developed hot dip galvanizing coating on steel with improved corrosion protection properties. The shielding effectiveness characteristics of our chambers are the same or even slightly improved by using ZMA-140 compared to Zink-275. The long-life performance of the panels is definitely improved.

Flexible solution

All RF shielded rooms, reverberation and anechoic chambers supplied by Comtest Engineering are build as a modular concept. A large variety in our product range we use as “building blocks” enables us to supply many different and unique solutions in almost every dimension and form.  Depending on the application the flanges of the shielded panels can be installed on the inside to position the chamber close to the existing walls of the parent building.

Common application for RF shielded rooms:

RF shielded rooms can be used for different purposes like:
•    RF shielded data center. This type of room is also known as a MER room.
•    Conference rooms and crisis control centers
•    RF shielded control and amplifier rooms
•    Conductive test chambers
•    Reverberation chambers
•    (semi) Anechoic chambers

•    MRI rooms

Standards / test methods:

•    IEEE-299
•    IEC/EN 50147-1 March 1996

Typical performance of RF shielded rooms:



All RF shielded rooms are customized to our customers individual requirements.

Options for inner finishing of RF shielded rooms:

Upon customer request RF shielded rooms can be lined with plasterboard walls and a suspended ceiling. The floor of the shield room can be constructed of wood with a vinyl topping flush to the door threshold. In a control room or data center the floor can be constructed as a raised computer floor to enable easy cable routing (ducting). The raised computer floor is constructed using standard anti-static floor tiles onto adjustable pedestals, in order to withstand an minimum average payload of 500 kg/m2.  A raised computer floor system provides a flush and threshold less entrance to the control or amplifier room when a EMC facility is built inside a pit.